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Heatop is a trusted leader, innovation is our aim, we will always be committed to bringing you the latest technology, so you can relax alone or relax with your partner! Details:

♥ Pay attention personal sanitary. Don’t share it with anyone else. This is some device which used near to body.
♥ Never forget to that little tool taking sterile and appropriate temperature water, more don’t maneuver long period and don’t to use hot water and oxidation material. Never soak with dusty substance.
♥ The device is a kind of appurtenance to obtain satisfying sense. The most important is supposed to be the love in you. It is recommended to feel relaxed to human elementary requirest.

Great Feeling -The equipment will extremely make pleasant reflex as well as give you perfect evident know-how.
Intimate Transportation – This good is packaged in classified, not necessary be afraid of your personal track information.
Reliable to be Washed – The equipment is made of hygeian water resistant component. Bring creamy pleasure in more situations. Additionally, it is uncomplicated for washing.
Friendly Environmental Substance – It is used secure and Tested raw material, gentle meanwhile relieved. Replenish you best excitement.
Mute Construction – This item is made by no-sound as well as great component. Transfer in more areas, no need to worry about to be heard.